The baby boom generation is advancing in age and millions of them is coming (or already are) of 60 years of age every month. So it’s not surprising that appeared and a parallel interest for improving health and slowing the aging process.

According to experts, the subtle changes in the pH of the “inner sea” of your body can affect your general health, your sense of well-being, level of fatigue and soreness, weight and athletic performance. The pH level and acid mitigation are crucial for the health and slowing the aging process.

In Japan, the hospitals and clinics use alkaline water, purified, ionized, restructured hexagonal-known as Kangen water-for more than 30 years to treat a large number of disorders. According to scientific studies reviewed which were held in universities and hospitals throughout the world, drinking Kangen water can:
• Release the excess fat and toxins from the body;
• Balance blood sugar levels, and insulin;
• Balance the blood pressure;
• Support the proper functioning of the colon;
• Eliminate urinary tract infections;
• Ease asthma and other chronic diseases of the respiratory tract;
• Stop the abnormal gastrointestinal processes;
• Reduces proliferation of microbes such as Candida, viruses, fungi and other undesirables;
• Reduces chronic pain;
• Improve the healing process.

The medical device used in Japanese hospitals to obtain the results above can be purchased for use at home. As Dr. David Carpenter says, when “I think the most important thing a person can do for its health is to drink Kangen water.”

Increases hydration

Ionization process reduces the size of the water molecules by two-thirds. Water molecules have a hexagonal shape when are ionized. Smaller molecules, hexagonal, can penetrate cell membranes, allowing repair of tissues and removal of deposits. So the amount of water depends on the electrode surface result but also the related electrical power ionization.
Balance the body’s pH
Kangen water hexagonal increases the pH of tap water by ionization or breaking water molecule (H2O) resulting in H + ions (positive hydrogen electric load) OH (hydroxyl with negative electrical load), and alkaline minerals. This ions abundance increases the bicarbonate in the blood while balancing and neutralizing body acids and toxins.
Increases the blood’s oxygenation
The hexagonal Kangen water contains hydroxyl ions (OH) in abundance, which donates electrons to the free radicals of oxygen, resulting in oxygen molecules. According to experts, drinking Kangen water regularly will increase the amount of oxygen dissolved in the blood. Stable oxygen (a molecule of oxygen nonreactive electrons equal-pared electrical cargo free) gives us mental clarity and invigorating for body.

Neutralize free radicals

According to Dr Hidemitsu Hayashi, Director of the Institute in Tokyo, Japan, since active oxygen is a free radical and could damage normal tissue, it is essential to eliminate or neutralize it before they can cause harm to the healthy tissue. “If we can find an effective way to block the healthy tissue oxidation, by oxygen, then we can try to prevent diseases,” explains Dr. Hayashi.
Hexagonal water
Biological organisms prefer hexagonal water, which consists of six molecules of water in a circle. In nature is found in the water resulting from the melting snow or ice. Can be generated by ionization of water containing certain vitamins and minerals such as calcium alkaline.
The pH is the measure of the acidity or alkalinity of a solution. Since the pH scale is logarithmic, doesn’t starts from scratch. Thus, the most acid liquid met may have a low pH of 2.5. The hexagonal Kangen water typically has a pH of 8 to 11.5, which is alkaline.

Free radicals

Free radicals are atoms or molecules containing unpaired electrons. Active oxygen is a free radical because it is missing an electron. Free radicals steal electrons from other atoms, transforming them into free radicals, which can lead to various diseases and aging.
When the oxygen molecule loses an electron it becomes a free radical and begins to look for any molecule that could have an extra electron.
Thus, oxidation takes place when an electron is taken by the oxygen from one of any molecules.
Through oxidation, our bodies grow older, resulting in wrinkles, degeneration of organs, bones, muscles, tendons and cell membranes.

Oxidation reduction potential (ORP)

ORP is a measure of the power of anti-oxidation and is measured in milivolts (mV). It measures the presence of free electrons.
A negative ORP means that a substance can donate electrons, making it an antioxidant.
An ORP positive means that a substance takes electrons, turning it into a free radical or Pro-oxidant.
Kangen, in Japanese, means “return to Origin”.
The use of the word is controlled by the Government in Japan.
In the U.S., the Kangen water is a registered trademark of Enagic USA, Inc.
To be called Kangen water must be alkaline with hexagonal structure, pure and have a negative ORP. Kangen water is also known as micro water, hexagonal water, spa water, alkaline ionized water, water or water. Since the shape of hexagonal molecular structure seems critical, we will call in this report hexagonal Kangen water.

• It is used in more than 100 hospitals and clinics from Japan;
• is a ’’radical scavenger’’ with anti-oxidant properties;
• contribute to the repair of damaged DNA chain;
• Remove toxins from the body;
• is the “living water” that deeply hydrates the cells;
• It is rich in minerals such as calcium ion;
• significantly increases bone density;
• it is alkaline able to neutralize and to balance the acid condition;

The restructuring of the water by electrolysis

Electrolysis is a process in which the electricity passes through electrodes composed of precious metals with the ability to attract the ions which are conductors of electricity. Ions that are present in the water naturally, are then concentrated in groups with positive and negative ions and separated by a membrane. This process restructures the original bands in the hexagonal formations with either positive or negative loads. This creates both alkaline water pH 8.5-9.5 for drinking as well as acidic ionized water with pH 4.5-5.5 pH.
Acidic ionized water is also known as the water-oxidizing and has unique features, including a positive high ORP a low pH and a high concentration of dissolved oxygen and chlorine. Skin ulcer infected with MRSA (Methycillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus) is hardly cured, so plastic surgeons use Japanese electro-oxidative water to treat skin ulcers and obtained excellent results.

Hexagonal Kangen water search

According to Dr. Carpenter, one of the major differences was that the water from the American devices contained hexagonal water. In addition, none of the devices was producing acid water, pH 2.5, which was used for the treatment of dermatological diseases in Japan.
LeveLuk SD501 Enagic when it became available, Dr. Carpenter has determined that the water was very different from that of the previously used devices and concluded that it was due to the much higher percentage of hexagonal Kangen water. “I began to see miracles with my patients,” he said. “I never told a patient that he had noticed any difference when they drank water from other devices. That water was special. Maybe on paper the other devices appear equal, but the proof is in the results, ’’he concluded’’.
When it comes to your health, it pays to invest in the best. ‘’If should I operate I spend no matter what to have the best surgeon’’. The cost is not important to me, what matters are the results, “he says.” I spent thousands of dollars on the ionization of water devices that haven’t worked, but the SD501 Enagic offers results. “

Enagic USA is the gold standard

As I said earlier, we have done research to conclude that Enagic. Inc., is not only the oldest manufacturer of hexagonal Kangen water, but also at the top. Here are some unique features of the LeveLuk SD501 device that makes it the best in the industry:
• 5 years guarantee;
• Lifetime of 15-20 years;
• Comprehensive maintenance Program;
• Self cleaning system;
• Status of medical device approved in Japan;
• Seven titanium plates coated with platinum for electrolysis;
• Produces hexagonal Kangen water.
Enagic, Inc. is a 30-year-old who uses the technology of water ionization 42-year-old with proven effects.
Enagic manufactures only water ionization device and technology officially approved, certified in the field of health the Ministry of health of Japan.
Over 100 hospitals from Japan use Enagic, what device allows them to treat patients with hexagonal Kangen water.
Enagic, Inc. is the only company in the industry of water which is supported by Japanese Association for Integrative Geriatric Diseases, an association with over 6500 doctors and surgeons. Enagic dominates the industry with more than 400.000 families catered for throughout the world.
Enagic is in possession of the factory where it creates each piece of ionizers. Each device is assembled manually and their quality control is the best in the industry, with a gold seal, symbol of quality worldwide. The best selling model of household Ionizer LeveLuk SD501 the company being in first place when it comes to ionizers and the industrial dedicates them to hospitals or hotels and restaurants.


How much they spend on bottled water? Have you ever done the calculation? Special water that generates positive results in any area of health sells for approximately$2 per litre or more. If you consume daily water needs (3-4 litres per day) of this water, it would cost $8-10 per day kinda person. In 15 years, (the life of the LeveLuk SD501 Enagic), you spend about $50.000 on a water you promised a specific benefit!
Deliver the promise concerning the benefits? Most brands tested by us were slightlyacidic. Drinking this water will contribute to the chronic acidity that is the cause of many adult diseases. These waters measured an ORP of + 100 or more, which means they are a source of free radicals, not anti-oxidizing.
You could save over $50.000 if your own fountain of youth, which generates unlimited quantities of Kangen water hexagonal for you, your friends and family, for just a few cents per litre. In addition, if you make your own Hexagon Kangen water, you will no longer contribute to the waste from the environment that are created by tossing plastic bottles!

Facts about bottled water:

• Over 45 million plastic bottles in the trash annually and 90% end up in landfills.
• Over 250 million barrels of oil are used annually to produce plastic bottles.
• More than 40 percent of the bottled water comes from municipal water source and is more contaminated than municipal water.
• Almost all the bottled water is acidic.
• Plastic Bottles can contaminate the fluids with gas, a known carcinogen.

Using tap water as an alternative?
• Tap water can contain up to 90 allowed chemicals.
• Tap water contains chlorine and derived products thereof that have been linked to diseases such as cancer of the bladder, breast and other cancers.
• Chlorine is used to remove bacteria from tap water but also kills healthy bacteria from the body.

Slowing the aging process

The food that we ingest is composed of a mixture of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. In the simplest form, the food consists of carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen. In order to support life we oxidyze or burn food for energy and nutrients.
When food is burned to fuel the body, the results are carbonic acid, uric acid, lactic acid, fatty acids and ammonia. Most of the foods that we eat as well as meat, whitebread, coffee or pastries, produce a quantity of waste acid but there are some foods that contain organic alkaline minerals such as spinach, broccoli, unsaturated acids, green tea, salads, which compensates and helps neutralize acidic waste, as long as they are consumed on a regular basis. Acidic wastes are eliminated through the urine and perspiration after they are dissolved in the blood.
According to Dr. Susan Lark. MD, the following factors increase the acidity in our body:
• Physical and psychological stress which reduces the oxygenation and increases muscle tension;
• Strong emotions such as anger, fear, hostility, or excitation, producing an increasing adrenaline;
• Vigorous exercises that produce lactic acid, pyruvic acid and CO2;
• Frequent journeys by plane where oxygen is lower than CO2 in the cabin;
• Medicines and vitamins.
If the body cannot neutralize all acid it produces, which is becoming more and more frequently as we’re aging, it accumulates in the body often in fat or in the form of crystals in the joints and muscles. Arthritis and gout arises when uric acid is precipitated in the blood due to a too high acidity. Drinking Kangen hexagonal water will sway the body pH and dissolve excess uric acid. Conditions such as arthritis and gout will disappear naturally.
Acidic minerals like chlorine, phosphorus and sulfur acid residues contribute to the totality of the body acids being the most harmful. These minerals are abundant in meat dishes such as pastries, and sparkling juice. Fruit and vegetables contain minerals such as calcium, alkaline organic potassium, magnesium and sodium. Our modern diet often lacks these minerals due to the way we eat.
It is clear thanks to the many decades of research that free radicals are a major cause of aging. Free radicals oxidize, prevents normal tissue, organs and functions of life itself.
In our modern life we expose ourselves to a large number of sources of free radicals. Some of them are:
• Use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco or drugs;
• Consumption of processed or irradiated food, additives, artificial colours and preservatives;
• Ingestion or exposure to heavy metals;
• Consumption of polisaturate oils, especially rancid vegetable oil, hydrogenated or partially;
• Drinking unfiltered tap water and water chlorinate or bathing in such water;
• Extended excessive stress

Kangen hexagonal water use increases competitiveness and performance of top athlets. A diet which supports the alkalinity is also recommended by nutritionists. Kangen hexagonal ionized water intake will reduce the accumulation of acids in muscles, improves the intensity of workouts and recovery time.
In his book, “The Chemistry of Success: Secrets of Peak Performance,” Susan Lark, MD is talking about the role of the acid/alkaline balance in performance and health. Follows its assessment regarding the Kangen hexagonal water (called alkaline water):
“The benefits of alkaline water, created through electrolysis, is posted to its ability to easily increase the pH of the cells and tissues and neutralize acids. Because the alkaline water has won a significant number of free electrons through the process of electrolysis, can donate these electrons to the free radicals oxygen in the body, thus becoming a super antioxidant. “
Another significant benefit of this process is that alkaline water molecule size is reduced by approximately 50% compared to the tap water.’’This allows alkaline water to be more easily absorbed by the body, thus increasing the ability of hidration and delivery of negative ions to the body cells’’.

Kangen water Physiology

Kangen water has several important properties including:

• Low surface Tension;
• Lower molecular Size and hexagonal;
• Oxidation reduction Potential (ORP);
• Alkaline pH of the hydroxyl ions and alkali ionic minerals;
• Ability to deliver blood bicarbonates.

Diet, lifestyle and pH

ur diet has changed drastically in a short time. A person’s normal diet contains roughfly acidic dishes such as meat, dairy products, fruits, nuts, some refined sugar, cornsweeteners, artificial sweeteners, chocolate, refined products, beer, wine, coffee and black tea. Normal diet and light beverages are probably the most acidic dishes consumed by people, with a pH of 2.5.
Most people do not have enough reserves to alkaline or neutralize acidic debris produced by the consumption of Standard American Diet also known as DAS composed primarily of these dishes.
Less acidic dishes are: vegetables, starch, fish, eggs and fruit. The experts recommended that 80% of our diet should be composed of fresh fruit and vegetables, organic, raw if possible. Soaked nuts are also an alkaline food, vegetable and asparagus is the most alkaline.
If you eat meat, make sure that falls in the percentage of 20% of your reserved for consumption acid food. Limit planned within 100 g chicken meat, fish or red meat organic clean, without traces of mercury. Avoid dairy products and fatty meats, limit your quantity of gluten and avoid acidic drinks such as juice, sports drinks, coffee, tea, beer, wine or alcohol. Drink enough Kangen hexagonal water!
The acid builds up in our body over time. You might not notice at 20-30 years, but when you get past 40 years it begins to show symptoms of acid imbalance digestive problems, headaches, obesity, bone pain, elimination problems, muscle cramps and pain, cardiac problems, tension high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, and more.

Start good habits at an early time

“Prevalence of acidic food in the typical American diet is so way overwhelming that our children are beginning to suffer the effects practically from birth,” says Dr. Susan Lark. MD. “A recent report from the Center for disease control says that nearly 300.000 U.S. children have some form of arthritis, which previously was a disease to account.”
Childhood is the perfect period to start drinking Kangen hexagonal water, especially if it replaces energy drinks, sweetened juices or juices. Teach your children to drink Kangen hexagonal water and give them the gift of a healthy life.

Acid accumulation and stress
The acid is generated from three sources-food, pollution and stress. Of these three, stress is the biggest problem. A fluctuation of adrenaline produced in response to a stimulus “fight or flee”, denying the benefits of an alkaline diet. So stress management as well as that of the diet is essential to maintain an alkaline body.
We work between 40 and 50 hours per week with constant stimuli and without breaks to calm us. Eat more fast food and coffee for short doses of artificial energy as we get to the daily job. Then we come back home to family stress, home affairs and financial obligations that we can’t pay. We don’t really ever relax so we can give our bodies a chance to neutralize all acid that we produced through stress and from ingesting acidic foods.
Ionized water has the same characteristics as a raw food:
• An abundance of free electrons;
• alkaline pH;
• A negative ORP-anti-oxidising properties;
• Effect of hydration and detoxification;
• Source of organic minerals.

Kangen water hexagonal: a new ally in the treatment of diabetes

Diabetes is a common cause of death and becomes a global epidemic. By the year 2025, diabetes will affect 300 million people and will be one of the major killers, according to the American Diabetes Association. Most people don’t even know it’s known as the “Silent Killer”. Untreated diabetes can lead to fatal damage of tissues, organs and blood vessels. Now the disease affects younger people fo 20-30 years too. Untreated or poorly controlled diabetes can lead to ulcers, gangrene, amputation of limbs, vision loss and kidney failure, among other issues.

Acidic water heals the diabetic ulcer
According to a documentary aired by the Japanese public television, over the past decade, Japanese doctors have found an effective treatment for diabetes and its devastating effects. Research and clinical experiences in treating patients show that treating the diabetic ulcer with Kangen hexagonal water is restructured an effective alternative for amputation. The Kangen water is now used successfully to cure in hospitals in Japan and Russia.
There are many test centers in Japan that have documented improvement in diabetic ulcer using Kangen hexagonal water (pH 8.5-9.5) and its equivalent, acidic water (pH 2.5).
The treatment uses a two-part process. First, patients soaked the affected areas in acidic water with pH 2.5 pH positive (+ llOOmV), containing carbolic acids,
chlorine, sulphuric and nitric acid. In addition, the prescribed quantity of water, consumed Kangen water molecule having of hexagonal shape 9-9.5 pH that has an ORP of at least measurable-250 mV, offering enough free electrons to eradicate
free harming radicals.
Over time, regular consumption of ionized Kangen water can lower insulin requirements with 30-50% according to documented clinical experiences and studies from Japan.
The Mu Shik Jhon. PhD has proposed a mechanism for this effect. Nuclear magnetic resonance analysis indicates that the surrounding environment the cancerous tissue and less structured diabetic and surrounding water can move more freely than water surrounding normal tissues. “Cancer and diabetes have one common feature,” writes in his book The Water Puzzle, destroying the structure of water at the cellular level. “
When the hexagonal structure of water in the vicinity of the cell is compromised, the cells are more vulnerable to external stimuli and are weaker and more prone to genetic mutations. Now research suggests that improving the water environment at the cellular level may make cancer cells or normal to a diabetic. When individuals consume hexagonal water, improves cellular environment, contributing to better health.There are numerous reports indicating that the hexagonal water stopped the progression of the cancer or diabetes. “
In order to achieve a balance, many physicians recommend consuming a mix of 80/20 of alkali and acid. Alkaline meals consist of fresh fruit and vegetables, preferably organic and do not represent the typical 80% of a vegetarian diet. The standard American diet is formed from very acidic food and beverages. The effect on our bodies is made up of the way we eat, protein concentrate and starch stirring, adding sugar and salted dishes from ingestion. A passage from one acid alkaline body was difficult, if not impossible, just by changing
diet, except that you’re extremely disciplined and dedicated, maybe driven by a disease that threatens the lives, such as cancer.
Further, unless you buy organic fruit and vegetables always you will swallow up a large quantity of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and other chemicals residues if you consume a diet of raw vegetables. And regardless of how healthy can be such a diet, most people will not follow. Drinking Kangen hexagonal water made from your owntap provides a simple way to move the balance of acid-alkaline of your body. Kangen water releases oxygen and negative electrons that are anti oxidizing natural mother’s nature agents.
Drink a glass of water when you wake up and one with 5-10 minutes before a meal. Bring a bottle to work or to school. It is recommended to start with a pH of 8.5 for two weeks, then broadening PA. pH 9.0 for two weeks before you stabilize at pH 9.5.
If you are able to drink Kangen ionized hexagonal water while holding a healthy diet, avoid factors that increase the acidity and incorporate activities such as meditation or prayer in your life, your body will find equilibrium. A balanced body is able to heal.
Dr. Theodore Baroody, author of “Alkalize or Die” questions the problem so: “Too much acidity in the body is as though you have little oil to the machine. Simply stop into an afternoon of Sunday. And then you’re stuck. Your body does the same thing. “

Increased acidity = Aging

The body will do anything to maintain blood pH at 7.36 for if it drops to 7 pH can cause a state of coma and even death. Because of the logarithmic scale of pH, this change apparently minor is 4 times more acidic. Thus, the blood varies very little from the pH. In order to maintain the ability to block the acid in the blood, the body reserves of minerals from organs and bones-the body will damage the organs before it leaves the pH of the blood become acidic. That may explain why a high acidity it’s linked to a low resistance to colds, flu, and respiratory and gastrointestinal disorders.
Because drinking Kangen hexagonal water has many effects on the metabolism, it’s not surprising to hear that people feel better physically and emotionally.

The true cost of water ionizers
People often ask why we should spend even $4000 on hexagonal Kangen water when I can buy Water Ionizers with a much lower price. The truth is that Water Ionizers have a lower price than the LeveLuk SD501. Enagic costing much more during the life of the appliance and do not make the same hexagonal Kangen water.

The process of electrolysis

The most expensive component of any water ionization are electrolysis plates whichare made of precious metals such as Platinum and titanium. (Platinum costs $1,500an ounce.) Ionization appliances cheaper use Platinum plated wire, while the use of titanium plates Enagic and plated with Platinum, with a surface of almost 5 times higher.
For example, one of the higher prices of the competitors costs $1,400. Their surfaceplate made of wire is 56 inches. Enagic has a 245-SD501 of solid plates (not mesh) of titanium coated with platinum. If you share the cost of the device surface, competitors are asking $25 per square inch for Platinum plated wire vs. $16 per square inch for solid tiles used in the Enagic.
One of the factors that reduce the effectiveness of any device of water ionization is when the electrolysis plates heat. Small plates heat faster than larger ones. That makes the alkalinity to drop quickly into devices with small plates and affect the ability of the device to create the hexagonal formations. “The water’s Alkalinity SD501 products decreases by 15% after only one hour of continuous use compared with minutes from competitors ‘ devices.
SD50I 230 Watts of electricity used vs. 80 watts from the machine of the nearest competitor. Since electricity is power which divides the water molecule produces the hexagonal bands desirable, more power is clearly better. Other producers cannot deliver this power because the plates are too small and are quickly overheating.

Guarantee and Service

LeveLuk SD501 enagic has a five-year guarantee, superior compared to that of other similar devices on the market. The Enagic, if your device needs repair, you gets another device instead, before we send your own to the service center.
LeveLuk SD501 components are identical to those of Super SD501 which is device for industrial use.
Enagic components are designed so they can be dismantled if necessary. Other components are sealed, making it necessary to replace components with a cost of about $700. Appliances of many competitors are not created to produce acidic water and do not make Kangen water. SD501 will produce about three times the volume of water on which others would produce in the same period of time, and the SD50I filter takes about 11,000 liters.
Note: no other producer has the right to use the word “Kangen water” in the U.S., but many do. It is important to know that only the Enagic Kangen water produces the hexagonal water, others produce ionized water with varying degrees of negative ORP and alkalinity hexagonal water formations.

Medical device
Enagic is classified as a SD50I device in Japan, while competitors ‘ devices are sold as appliances, as well as a machine to do a mixer or bread. In Japan, the SD50I can be prescribed by a doctor as a medical device and is sold as a device for Generating Kangen Water.
Enagic USA, Inc. has entered the U.S. market in 2003. LeveLuk SD50I is approved by the Japanese Ministry, won a prize from the International University Earth and an award from a prestigious group of physicians and scientists as being the only water treatment system to prevent adult diseases.

Hexagonal Kangen water: longer than alkaline
Five types of water That Make your body, Life and The Environment beautiful
• Hexagonal Kangen water;
• 8.5 pH;
• 9.0 pH;
• 9.5 pH;
• Drinking Water pH neutral 7.0;
• Slightly acidic pH 5.5 beauty water;
• Strong sanitary acidic Water for health 2.5 pH;
• Strong alkaline Kangen water pH 11.5.
Kangen water with water molecule of hexagonal form (S-5 pH 9.5) is the main reason why people are buying an ionization water device.
Kangen water hexagonal properties are discussed in this report and its consumption is recommended by many health professionals.
Clean drinking water (pH 7.0) offers a great taste with water that has passed through a filter that removes not only chlorine but also lead, rust, and other contaminants, natural minerals, however, remain intact.
Slightly acidic beauty water (pH 5.5 equal to the ph of the skin) offers cleansing and astringent quality that makes your skin velvety soft to be nourishing and cleaning your skin at the same time.
It is ideal for sensitive skin and problems such as psoriasis, irritation, eczema and dry skin.
Sanitary Heavily Acidic water (pH 2.5) has excellent properties for cleaning and sanitizing that can prevent food poisoning. Kill HIV and other viruses, staph (MRSA), strep, Candida, fungus, e. coli, salmonella and other pathogens in a time of 30 seconds to a minute.
Strong Kangen water (pH 11.5) can dissolve the oil-based substances or similar substances. With a pH greater than 11.0 emulsyfies oil, clean the oily objects, removes the residues of the pesticide on the vegetable products and negative ion infusion which block degeneration.

Colon health improves with Kangen hexagonal water

Obesity is a revolutionary adaptation of the most researched and documented effects of Kangen water and the impact it has on gastrointestinal functions. According to Dr. Hiromi Shinya, MD, “you are what you eat.” Dr. Shinya has created a medical tool for removing polyps of the colon without surgery. It is famous throughout the world for gastrointestinal procedures and examined more than 300,000 of the stomachs and intestines carry out nearly 100,000 procedures.
Dr. Shinya Kangen recommends Kangen water to his patients and has obtained extraordinary results as shown in colonoscopic images before and after use.
Besides the Kangen water, Dr. Shinya recommends dividing your meal in 90% fruit and vegetables, and 10% protein. His specific recommendations are:
• Grain and bran;
• More vegetables;
• More fish, less other meat;
• Raw Food;
• Avoid oxidized food;
• Eat fermented foods;
• Avoid milk and milk products.
Have sufficient reasons to buy your own Kangen water as you can begin to enjoy each day, and with Kangen hexagonal water you save money in several ways:
• Save money on bottled water;
• Eliminates the impact of plastic bottles on the environment;
• Save money through reduced use of cleaning chemicals, i.e. reduce the impact of pollution on the environment;
• Save thousands of dollars with better health and wellbeing for you and your family;
• Save money because they use fewer drugs and nutritional supplements.
Kangen Water Ionizers are available only through Authorized Kangen Distributors .When you buy a device, one more-Enagic Kangen benefit that you can’t get elsewhere, namely qualify automatically for a Commission when you introduce someone else to this water and they buy a device.
Are only needed 8 to 10 references which will result in a purchase of Water Ionizers to recover investment in a personal device. What could be better than to create an extra income through promoting health?