The electrolytic cell is equipped with 4 (four) electrodes, which are grouped in a compact way.
This equipment produces an important amount of electrolyzed water, which has ORP values ​​between -600mV and – 400mV (depending on the quality of the source water) and which brings extra beneficial effects. Kangen® water contains many hydroxyl ions (OH-) (as well as calcium ions) produced by electrolysis and hydrogen ions (H +). This depends on the type of Kangen® water selected to be produced and the original water used.

Equipped with an electrolysis acceleration tank, Strong Acidic Water and Strong Kangen Water are constantly and continuously produced.
Accelerating electrolysis tank will ease the operation of adding the solution to accelerate the electrolysis solution which is necessary to obtain Strong Acidic Water and Strong KangenTM water. This allows this type of constant and continuous water to be produced, which has an excellent effect. A 44 ml accelerator liquid tube produces 30 liters of Strong Acid Apa in about 30 minutes. (These values ​​also depend on the water quality of the tap).

You will be announced through an LCD liquid crystal display. The easy-to-use panel is based on one-touch technology.
The LCD panel informs you about the type of water produced (Kangen Water®, Acidic Water, Strong Acidic Water *, or Clean Water) and other necessary information. It is very easy to operate, because you only need to touch a button to open or close the device, or to modify up or down the type of water you want to get.
* When you press the Strong Acidic Water button, the secondary hose will release Strong Acidic Water and the flexible hose will release Strong Kangen Water at the same time.

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