Recently, the Japanese Enagic® Company has launched the new Alkaline and Ionization Apparatus, Leveluk Kangen 8, in short, the K8, a unique, innovative device perfect for meeting the high standards of Kangen’s miraculous Kangen Alkaline Water.

It is distinguished from the other devices through the 8 (eight) electrolysis plates, 8 (eight) international languages, 8 (eight) types of squeegees, automatic water pumping, LCD monitor clock, smart filter with automatic reset at change , cleaning instructions listed on the screen and large touch screen LCD.

The electrolysis system is equipped with 8 (eight) electrodes, which provide greater power and a compact construction.
The Leveluk K8 ionizer has the ability to produce a considerable amount of water through this electrolysis process, whose ORP value reaches between -1300mV and -800mV (depending on source water quality) with well-known effects on the human body. Kangen® water contains many hydroxyl ions (OH-) (as well as calcium ions) produced by electrolysis and hydrogen ions (H +). This depends on the type of Kangen® water selected to be produced and the original water used.
Every time you use your device or when you receive a notification from your device, you will be alerted by the voice guideline and via the touchscreen LCD. For example, it will show the type of water produced and other necessary information. The introduction of this touch screen has greatly improved the quality and speed (quickness, speed, fastness, speed) of user operations, transforming any operation into an extremely simple one.

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