Miniature, compact, practical, always on hand, at home or on the road, the Leveluk-R ionizer is the most ergonomic and easy to maintain the Leveluk range. The Japanese have demonstrated that top technology does not depend on size. Beneath the delicate exterior of this ionizer are all the standards of the Leveluk ionizers.

It is modern, easy to install and use, practical and stylish in the kitchen, being the lowest Leveluk ionizer. It occupies less of your space and does not prevent access to cabinets or sinks. Easy to integrate into the office, to companies or medical offices.
He is ready to accompany you wherever you go, his specific knowledge being adaptability to any lifestyle and family. You could move one day or pack lots of luggage for a long weekend in the country. Whatever you decide to do, the Leveluk-R ionizer is with you. With a conical design and state-of-the-art technology, the Leveluk-R ionizer combines the need for consumption with the pleasure of drinking water.

Leveluk-R is the cheapest Kangen® Water Ionizer designed for lower-budget families who want to enjoy the benefits of Kangen® Water. You can begin by purchasing a Leveluk-R ionizer, and then switch to a more advanced ionizer like Leveluk SD-501 later. Easy to carry, has the same filter system, technical specifications and warranty as the Leveluk JR II with the difference that Leveluk-R does not produce technical waters: super alkaline water (pH 11.5) and super-acidic water (pH 2.5 ).

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