Uses and treatments


Everyone starts with drinking water with a pH of 8.5, then progresses to pH 9.0 and 9.5 pH.


Occasionally, people experiencing symptoms of “cleaning” when drinking Kangen water. These are usually caused by releasing toxins and acidic residues in the body. If you have symptoms such as headaches, skin eruptions, diarrhea, nausea, metallic taste, flu-like symptoms, fatigue, etc. when drank Kangen water, then you should increase the amount of water drunk to help neutralize and eliminate toxins from your system. If you have these symptoms after you’ve raised the pH of the water that you consume, you can return the pH to which you have not had these symptoms and to increase the quantity of water consumed until these symptoms stop. Each finds her own preference with this water.
Kangen Alkaline water is obtained by pressing the purple button in front of unit. Multiple clicks will take you through the various levels of alkaline drinking water. These waters are issued through a flexible hose located on the top of the unit.
In order to obtain the desired results, enjoy half the weight in ounces per day.
Example: If you weigh 150 lbs, you’ll want to enjoy 75 oz (a little over a half gallon-2.2 liters) of Kangen water daily.
If you are involved in physical work, whether strenuous or work up a sweat if you have health problems, you should enjoy a lot more Kangen water. If you have serious health problems or you have an obstruction in your healing, SIP an ounce of Kangen water per kilogram, then miracles happen, according to Dr. David Carpenter.
SIP water with a pH of 8.5 in your first week. At this point, if you don’t have symptoms, you can start cleaning SIP water with a pH of 9.0. After two weeks, you can begin to enjoy the water with a pH of 9.5, as long as you do not have symptoms of cleansing. If you have symptoms of cleansing, return to the previous level of pH and increase the amount of water drunk in order to remove toxins.
The best time to drink Kangen water proved to be awakening. After 6-8 hours of rest, your body needs water to help hydrate. Water from the first hour of the morning will help you hidrate to clean the digestive system and organs before breakfast; If you sip a glass of Kangen water when you wake up, there will be no water in the stomach when taking breakfast. Your body makes cleaning “and” repair “when you sleep. A large glass of Kangen water in the morning helps cleansing of toxins from the body before they can be reabsorbed.
Kangen drinking water with 15-20 minutes before mass production of hydrochloric acid backs for a better assimilation of nutrients. Provides the necessary water for digestion and alkaline minerals to lock into acids blood products.
It is better not to SIP water at meals, but if you need to make a SIP of water, sip it with neutral pH (pH 7.0) water. Alkaline water will neutralize the acids necessary for digestion. Even the neutral water will do this in some measure; that’s why it’s not recommended to SIP water during the meal. Wait at least 30 minutes up to 1 hour after each meal before you SIP water; This allows food to pass from the stomach.
Another optimum time to drink alkaline water is when consumed alcoholic beverages. These drinks are so acidic that require a huge amount of alkaline water to balance out the acid (32 cups at a pH of 9.5 to recover from each drink). Alkaline water for many years, was known as a hangover cure of in Japan.
When alkaline water is consumed after liquor, excess alkalinity neutralizes the acids while electrons neutralizes free radicals. Alcoholic drinks are acidic. Drinking Kangen water is 6 times more hydrating than tap water and prevents dehydration which is manifesting as a hangover; so they are reduced or eliminated. One way to include water alkaline with other drinks is to make ice cubes from Kangen water.
In addition to the above recommendations, SIP water all day long. It’s a good idea to have a glass of water on your desk or wherever you spend your time. It reminds you to keep drinking Kangen water all day long.


Water with a neutral pH of 7.0 is obtained by pressing the green button on your Enagic. Clean water is released through the flexible hose. This water has passed through the filter portion of the system but has not gone through the process of electrolysis.Use clean water to get prescription drugs. These drugs are made to release over time; most medicines should not be absorbed by your body, but rather eliminated through urine.
That’s why DON’T take medications with water with micro molecules because the drugs will taken quickly to the body’s cellular level, making medicines hiper-eficient. When you are taking pharmaceutical drugs, drink Kangen water no longer than 15-20 minutes before taking the medication. Use clean water to take the pills and wait for at least 30 minutes after medications before you begin to enjoy Kangen water. Use clean water when ready formulas for powdered milk for children. Finally, use clean water if you need to SIP water during the meal.


Enagic water beauty is a slightly acidic water with a pH of 6.0 which is brewed by pressing the yellow button. Beauty water is released through the flexible hose at the top. Alternatively, it may be collected while you prepare alkaline Kangen drinking water; When you press the blue button of the alkaline water and Kangen water is released through a flexible hose, you can collect water from the hose through the secondary gray Beauty that lies at the bottom of the unit.
Water features can be used frequently as a spray during your day, used often for best results. Inside your body is most healthy when it is alkaline, the pH of your skin is ideally suited to a value of 6. Beauty water makes the skin supple and hydrated, as ifyou had used a cream or lotion; moisturize your skin. When it is used in place of conditioner after shampooing, it tightens your scalp and hair shines. In fact, many users have reported a significant increase of scalp capillaries.
Beauty water is astringent and an oxidizer, which makes it a benefit to the health ofyour skin and hair. The results of using them are similar to those offered by tonic expensive lotions at exclusive shops and beauty salons.
If you need Hot beauty water, we recommend that you preheat the stove slowly until it reaches the desired temperature. Collected in a bowl or in a bottle with spray and massage your body after a bath or shower. Your skin can be dry after a shower; using the Beauty Water in this manner leaves your skin hydrated, as if you have used a lotion. It may also close all the pores. For men, it’s great as a toner after shaving-leaving your skin soft.
Mix beauty water with essential oils, pulverize on skin to moisture, reduce lines and wrinkles, skin color and produce smooth younger and healthier skin


Add it to your bath water to have a beautiful and clean rooms!
Use a cleaning of glasses, mirrors, glass objects, knife sharpeners leaves no trace or residue!
Caring animal fur with beauty water will make it soft and shiny


Fungi nail
Pinching of insects
Irritation caused by diaper
Dry skin
Minor cuts


Strong acidic water of pH 2.5 is made by pressing the orange button on the lower part of the Enagic unit.
Note: you must add the intensifying solution (salt water) into the tank to electrolyte homeostasis (on the right side of the unit, behind the Panel) to produce strong acid water and Strong Alkaline Water.
Collect water using the usual vitriolic hose (the grey hose which sets at the bottom of the unit). Test to make sure that your drive is producing acid water, pH 2.5 using droplets for acid water pH-offered. When added, the water will turn orange. Water with pH 2.5 has a distinctive smell of chlorine. Do not be alarmed, there is chlorine in water. This water bears the name hipochloric water and has very special properties, which are described on the following pages.
The Enagic electrolysis solution is used to produce water with pH 2.5 and 11.5 and are not suitable for drinking. No other water Ionizer produces pH 11.5 2.5 and such with medical device manufactures Enagic, regardless of what the manufacturers claim. These waters are very powerful solutions for cleaning, disinfecting and therapeutic.
Electrolysis solution is the same as the Enagic saline eye drops which also cannot be ingested.
-Water proessed
-Sodium chloride
-Sodium hypochlorite
Sodium chloride, also known as table salt, is an ionic compound with the formula NaCl. Sodium chloride is the salt, responsible for our oceans and the extracellular fluid of many multicellular organisms. As the major ingredient from table salt, is commonly used for spicing up your dishes and food preservative.

Sodium hypochlorite

It is a stabilizer that prevents bacteria in salted water. You find and in ophthalmic solutions.
There are more sodium hypochlorite in tap water than bottled or electrolysis solution of the Enagic.
Strong Acidic water of pH 2.5 has anti-microbial properties, very potent. It has a potential for oxidation/+1 too, but bigger, 100mV. While the portion of alkaline water gains electrons, the acid portion loses electrons. This creates a solution with a very positive measure ORP becoming free radical water much better than conventional tap water.
Remember the functions of free radicals in your body, to remove electrons from other molecules: are able to quickly destroy the bacteria, fungi and pathogens causing virals. Strong acidic water is an anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and antifugal excellent for use on leather, food, animals, surfaces etc. In Japan it is used as a disinfectant in hospitals and restaurants for many years.
Strong Acidic water was approved for use as a disinfectant for food in the U.S. in June 2002, in accordance with the law on food hygiene, under the name of hipocloric acid water.
Strong Acidic water of pH 2.5 is used in Japan to remove bacteria from the cangrenos tissue. Strong Alkaline water pH 11.5 is then used to reduce the inflammation caused by free radicals.
Dipping or packing of the mushrooms and other similar diseases in acid water, pH 2.5 will hasten the resolution of microbial infections.
Strong Acidic water of pH 2.5 is great for minor cuts to prevent infection. Helps stop bleeding and controlling the pain. It has been noted that the cuts stop bleeding from instantly when they are soaked or strong acidic water doused with pH 2.5.
Strong acidic water has the role of mouth wash to kill bacteria in the mouth and in the throat that causes dental infections, inflammation, neck, smelly breath and cavities.
Brush teeth and make a gargle for a minute to kill the bacteria that cause gingivitis.Water pH 2, 5 can be used to disinfect teeth brushes. Provides a secure and Whitening Tooth clipping.
Use water with pH 2.5 to get rid of itching caused by insect bites.
Acid water, pH 2.5 is used in hospitals and restaurants to reduce infections, to disinfect medical equipment for cleaning and hand SOAP like. You can take in a bottle with sprayer and use as a disinfectant for the hands all day in order to prevent infection and contamination. It can be used on all circuit breakers and high-traffic areas where infections are spreading.
Besides the fact that it’s an excellent antibacterial product (one of the best because it does not contain toxic substances or antibiotics), acid water, pH 2.5 is great in the kitchen and bathroom. Works well in cabinets and disinfection of the chopers. It is a great help and cleanliness. Cleans coffee and tea stains from cups. The natural acidity of the water helps remove the limestone deposits on glass and ceramic surfaces. Prevents mold and some even removes.
Acid water, pH 2.5 kill snails, mosquitos, flies, ants, fleas and spiders. Many of these are exoschelete and Kangen water drowning them quickly thanks to its micro-molecular properties. Acid water, pH 2.5 will oxidize pests, causing them death. People have reported that they saw water with pH 2.5 killing a spider infestation on a plant. Pulverize water with pH 2.5 on your animals to reduce/eliminate flea infestation.


Removes stains from your clothes without removing color safe clothes & white sparkles slightly. Clean and dezinfect toys for children, little table chairs.
Using acid water, pH 2.5 to remove microbial bacteria on fruit and meats-eliminates the possibility of e-coli or other diseases caused by bacteria in food.
Eliminates odors like cat urine.
Sprinkle plants that love acidic water three times during the breeding season to produce a vigorous growth.
This water has been tested at universities in the United States and Japan, and it has been noted that it eliminates:
-MRSA (Staphylococcus resistant antibiotic)
-Many other bacteria, fungi and viruses.


Strong Kangen alkaline water pH 11.5 9) is produced simultaneously with the Strong Acidic Water (pH 2.5). Collect the water with pH 11.5 from flexible hose at the top of the unit. This strong alkaline water and micro-molecular; a potent cleaning agent that can be used in place of detergents, a powerful degreaser, after cleaning the surfaces with water, pH 11.5, pulverize the area with acid water, pH 2.5 as anti-microbial.
Strong Alkaline water pH 11.5 has an oxidation/reduction potential (ORP)-700 mV-850mV. This stops free radicals and reduces inflammation. If you have arthritis or some other inflammatory disease, dipping or packing in Strong Alkaline Water can be of great use. Dr. Carpenter has been seen using it often in his Cabinet.
Use water with pH 11.5 to remove toxins from bee stings, and insect bites.The smaller scale but equally significant, Strong Alkaline Water can reduce the inflammation and acne, eczema and psoriasis, too. When you have severe acne, Dr. Carpenter recommends a quick spray with Strong Acid Water pH 2.5 to neutralize the bacteria. When it’s dry, apply face towel soaked in Strong Alkaline Water pH 11.5. Hold the towel for 5-15 minutes; complete with water.
Sunburn areas are wrapped in a towel soaked in Strong Alkaline Water and hold time of 15-20 minutes. Complete with beauty, and leave to dry. It works from any type of burning not requiring hospitalization.
Use water with pH 11.5 (or waters with pH 8.5-9.5) to mix paints, eggs, art, the colors are more vibrant and secured better.


-Clean the building and revitalize fruits and vegetables moistening them for 20 minutes
-Dry beans and peas soaked for an hour to hasten their cooking
-Soak nuts, grains or cereals for an hour to speed up the planting
-Add a spoonful to salad dressings to emulsify oil
-Soak fish or chicken for 10-15 minutes.
-Intensifies flavors when it is used to cook steamed vegetables
-Clean the greasy surfaces
-Clean the grease stains on clothes
-Removes fats and proteins on the surfaces, knives and cutting boards
-Removes stains from toilet bowl
-You can mix essential oils to refresh fabrics
-Add 1 quarter to every laundry machine to replace the laundry detergent
You can use it as emulsion for oils to manufacture soaps or lotions
-Accelerates the germination of seeds
-Soak your feet for 20 minutes once or several times a week to help the detoxification process of the body.
Note: Strong Alkaline Kangen water is kept in a dark bottle in the refrigerator.


Remember that all problems are proof of skin toxins which our bodies cannot eliminate on the normal route (liver and kidney). Drinking Kangen Water can solve the problem from within. In the same time, there are methods of using water pH 11.5 externally on acne, depending on the type and severity.
Please remember that no method do you harm, so if a method does not provide results please try an alternative method.
Pulverize area with Strong Acid Water, pH 2.5 to neutralize the bacteria. When it’sdry, apply face towel soaked in Strong Alkaline Water pH 11.5. Hold the towel for 5-15 minutes; complete with water.

Apply the same procedure as described for acne. Most people obtain excellent results using only Beauty water of 3 times per day.

Any time the skin is broken, use Strong Acidic water of pH 2.5 at least once a day. It helps the immune system to cope with the micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses, etc. These viruses can enter the body through a cut in the skin. Water-soaked beauty wound (may be easier to soak a washcloth and apply on the area) for at least 3 minutes and allow it to dry. So closes your pores and the sense of pain.

If burning does not require medical treatment, pulverize Strong Alkaline Water pH11.5 or a washcloth soaked in this water and apply on the burnt area. Once it is dry, apply Water for beauty and allow it to dry. Drinking Kangen Water is also very important.

MOLES, warts, etc.
For the skin anomalies use Strong Acid Water, pH 2.5. Apply a water-soaked gauze and on the target area with a bandage. Change the dressing at least once a day. It has proved that it can take between 30-60 days to see results.

Gargle with acidic water with a pH of 2.5 3-4 times a day. For children who are unable to gargle, pulverize water in the neck area (10 determinations) 3-4 times a day. Water with pH 2.5 will not hurt if swallowed. Typically, the children say that the discomfort goes away in a few minutes. After gargle with water, rinse the mouth by drinking alkaline because your mouth is more acidic.

Use Strong Acidic Water with pH 2.5 as a mouthwash. Waters with high ORP destroy bacteria and other organisms in less than a minute. Breaking tooth clipping and smelly breath are caused by acid producing bacteria digesting your food from your mouth. Some people brush the teeth with this water with pH 2.5 and argue that having whiter teeth. In Japan, many studies show that water with pH 2.5 removes dental diseases and other infections of the mouth.

Sprinkle plants with Kangen water. Plants grow faster and bigger, healthier and more vibrant. Fruit plants watered with Kangen water are sweeter and contains more nutrients. In Japan, this water is used to improve agriculture.
The type of water used depends on the plant and soil that plants. Search the plants you are interested to determine if they prefer acidic or alkaline water.
Use water or drinking Beauty water for cuted flowers and will hold up, upto two weeks or more.


Years of working with ionized water taught Japanese the ways that can use the acidic and alkaline waters. There are numerous benefits in the kitchen, starting with the preparation of food.

Soaking meat and vegetables in water Strongly Alkaline (pH 11.5) removes the bitter taste of the vegetables, meat and fish extensively. Use water with pH 9.5 unless you have water with pH 11.5.

Restaurants that use Kangen Water in preparing food and wonderful flavors of praise their preparations, and some clients think they have sources or new cooks, when in fact did nothing more than to use Kangen water.

Soak or pulverize fruit and

vegetables in Strong Acidic Water (pH 2.5) for 23 minutes; stir water into hard-textured products such as broccoli, salad, etc. It kills the germs that are on the fruits (e-coli). Then soake the products in Strong Kangen Alkaline water (pH 11.5) for at least 5 minutes to clean the products, pesticide and herbicide removal and intensifies the flavors. Dipping fruit and vegetables for 5-10 minutes in Strong Alkaline Kangen water leaves the water cloudy, depending on the amount and type of chemicals from food. Products treated thereby will take longer and will remain fresh.

Strong Acidic water of pH 2.5 kills microbes from food preparation surfaces and in a few seconds. Use it as a spray for vegetables and fruit before they’re soaked in water with pH 11.5. Some fruit and vegetables retain the vibrant colors. Washing in acidic water (pH Beauty water or Strong Acid Water, pH 2.5) will help them to retain the natural colors when they are cooked. These dishes will look much more appetizing.

Some fruits and vegetables as well as cherries, plums, grapes, strawberries, cabbage, eggplant, asparagus and soy beans contain antocins and cook best in water.

When it comes to cooking, the alkaline water (pH up to 8.5 9.5) reduces cooking time by 25 to 30%, which is good for the environment and saves you money.

Cooked vegetables retain more of their natural flavor and color. Soups made with Kangen water are more flavorful. The Kangen water micro properties allow them to draw more nutrients from the bones and make them more nutritious.

Waters with pH 8.5-9.5 11.5 can be used to soften the beans, nuts and seeds will germinate in an amazingly short time.

Pasta and rice can be cooked in water for beauty and cook faster, taste better and are more fluffer.

Eggs cooked in water will not leak beauty when breaking and will clean more easily.

Pulverize vegetables with Beauty water to retain color longer.

Use Beauty water to remove stains from cups-soaked for 24 hours.

Use water with pH 11.5 for emulsifying the oils when you make salad dressings or mayonnaise, or soaps and lotions.

Mix water pH 11.5 with essential oils to spray on leather, fabrics.

When alkaline water is used in the preparation of teas and coffee, they shall retain the taste without being bitter. Coffee prepared with tap water has a pH of 4. When it’s brewed with Kangen water, the pH of coffee will be closer to 6. Teas with healing properties will be amplified with the help of Kangen water.


Put 1-2 liters of strong alkaline water (pH 11.5) in the dishwasher without SOAP and wash as you do with SOAP. The clothes will be cleaner and brighter than when using detergent for people sensitive to chemicals, there are no side effects for those who are sensitive to detergent, that’s the ultimate solution!
Use Beauty Water for the rinse cycle the laundry will be softer.
-Grease stains Soaked in water with pH 11.5
-Kitchen towels Soaked in acid water, pH 2.5 to disinfect them.
-Use water with pH 11.5 to remove coffee stains, blood, and more. And water with pH 2.5 will remove many stains as well as strawberry stains from a light colored dress without affecting the color of the dress!


For wooden surfaces or ceramics, glassware and glasses use Beauty Water.

-For carpet stains use water pH 11.5, proved that removes blood, red wine sauce, enchilada, etc. Use as a SOAP free stains removal that professionals cant’ remove.

-Eliminates and cleans products toxicity and the natural acidity of strong acid water will remove limescale and Beauty water will restore the gloss of the kitchen and bathroom.